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The Problem
Until today, no single way to get people to travel and tourism boards on the Internet existed. Internet typin names are confusing and thanks to the business of domain parking, there is no consistancy in the Internet space that gets people to tourism board groups.

If you are the Dubai Tourism Board, you are located at, but if you are the Australian Tourism Board, you are located at - and that reality is both confusing to people looking for tourism board destinations and the very point of our site.

Our Solution
Enter TourismBoard.Com - we offer a simple answer to all this complexity - A single point of entry to get people to the right place and a single branding identity to make sure they can get there again!

If you are part of a Tourism Board group (either a from a professional tourism association or an individual national, state / province, or city tourism manager), we want to meet with you.

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National Boards

We are currently working on the implementation of our community engine, so stay tuned. But, until then you can send us a message at our webmaster address at regarding any further questions you have about our plans for this site and how your tourism board can participate.

To Our Guests
First, thanks for visiting us, we will work very hard to earn your trust and get you to real tourism board groups the world over. For Travel News, we recommend that you visit Travel Mole, in our view, one of the finest insider sites for headline and breaking news about the travel and tourism world.

For Travel Agents and Professionals
If you are a travel agent or travel professional, you'll probably want to know about the other site we have planned; the Travel-Alt.Com brand which will begin flying soon, while we don't want to let the cat out of the bag yet, we can tell you that from experience we know that what is old is new.

We've been on the Internet since 1995 (before Yahoo! was public, before Google and before Microsoft had a browser) and we understand the ugly details about how internet marketing actually works... We not only have, we own it and that is no joke. We are here to tell you that if you operate a small travel company, the huge dollars involved don't work for you. We want to fix that because, as the great statesman Benjamin Franklin once said, "We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately" - those words apply in this millennium as much as they did when they were first spoken in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776. So, contact us to understand how we can work together by emailing us at our webmaster email address.

Today the Travel-Alt.Com brand is parked to illustrate exactly who benefits from great Internet names (not that Travel-Alt.Com is a great brand yet, but rather it show you how the many other names you see going to these parking sites work - something called "type in traffic" and more than a few people make their living from it), so unless you are from one of the major brands like Priceline, Orbitz or Expedia checking us out (and we know you folks do), the ads you can see at Travel-Alt.Com are probably not for your travel agency! We want to change that too, because as great at TZ is at doing online reservations, we know there are always times where the experience of a travel professional is a must for people to have a great trip.

Travel Site Trivia
Did you know the Travel-Alt.Com brand was originally registered in 1995? It dropped a while ago and we snagged it recently because we we want to help your offline travel business succeed too.

The Future of Tourism and Travel
The future of Tourism is bright and it is coming to TourismBoard.Com, the first place on the Internet for real tourism information!

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